'n the Fan Shop...

Phil's Fan Shop!Got Phil?  If not, there's a way you can. Simply visit the Phil 'n the Void Fan Shop for everything Phil 'n the Void!  The Fan Shop is hosted by CafePress, and offers a variety of fan-tastic Phil 'n the Void merchandise.

You'll find various logo merchandise and apparel available at no mark-up pricing — the Band has arranged for all the items available for purchase in the Fan Shop to be sold at cost.  In other words, you will pay only the manufacturing cost and associated shipping and handling charges for anything and everything in the Fan Shop.  There is no profit made by the Band from the sale of Fan Shop merchandise.

The way the Band sees it, PNTV is getting plenty in return simply by friends and fans helping to spread the good word.  That in and of itself is benefit enough for the Band!  Be sure to check out the Fan Shop and thanks so much for your support.