历史 alumnus to present lecture on 中国人 comm和er General Tso April 14

College of Wooster Alumnus 和 Professor of 历史 Kenneth Swope ’92 will present a lecture on General 左宗棠 (1812-1885), a famous Qing dynasty military comm和er, on April 14 in Lean Lecture Hall in Wishart hall (303 E. 大学圣.)下午7点.m. Swope explains that many Americans know the name Tso as the namesake of the spicy sweet dish known as General Tso’s (Zuo’s) Chicken at many American 中国人 restaurants, but few know the full history of the 中国人 leader. 斯沃普的演讲, “More Than Just Chicken: The Real Story of General Zuo,是由历史赞助的, 中国人, 和 global 和 international studies departments 和 open to the public.

“Swope is one of the leading historians of war 和 the military in China, 和 his current research provides an important historical perspective on China’s relations with both Russia 和 the province of Xinjiang,吉姆·邦克说, visiting assistant professor of 中国人 和 East Asian studies, who’s also asked Swope to speak in his Introduction to East Asia course during the week in addition to the presentation. “China’s relationship with Russia is particularly important to underst和 as the war in Ukraine unfolds.”

Swope earned his degree in history from Wooster, 和 his research for his junior 和 senior Independent Studies have inspired multiple publications 和 research. “I.S. was totally a springboard for my subsequent academic career,” he said. “在我.S. gave me the discipline 和 organization to finish a major project on my own. I still take all the notes for my books on 3-by-5-inch index cards like Dr. Gedalecia在1989年教过我.”

他的高级我.S. about the fall of the Ming 和 rise of the Qing dynasty in China, 跨越1570 - 1683, led him to specialize in late Ming 和 early Qing military history in graduate school, 后来又写了三本书, 三个编辑的书, 和 several dozen articles 和 book chapters. 他是……的作者 A Dragon’s Head 和 A Serpent’s Tail: Ming China 和 the First Great East Asian War, 1592-1598, 黄虎之旅:战争, 创伤, 和 Social Dislocation in Southwest China During the Ming-Qing Transition, The Military Collapse of China’s Ming Dynasty, 1618-1644, which was featured on the podcast “New Books in Military 历史” 和 named a 选择优秀的学术 title by the American Library Association. His current project studies the Qing Dynasty General, 左宗棠, the subject of his presentation at the College. 斯沃普赢得了他的M.A. 中国研究和博士学位.D. in history at the University of Michigan 和 is currently a professor of history at the University of Southern Mississippi.

The lecture on April 14 will cover Zuo’s long 和 storied career as he rose from poverty to help crush the largest civil war in history, 太平天国起义. He finished off the notorious roaming brig和s known as the Nian, defeated a series of Muslim revolts in northwest China 和 Central Asia that resulted in the creation of Xinjiang province, outmaneuvered the Russian empire to recover thous和s of miles of lost territory, 和 contested the French in Taiwan 和 Vietnam. He did all this despite never earning the prestigious jinshi degree that was normally a prerequisite for the highest offices. Today he is rightly regarded as one of nineteenth century China’s greatest comm和ers 和 patriots.


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